WSHE South Florida Entertainment Guide

I can’t believe some of the crap I still have. This is from 1980 I believe. The Bio’s were featured in the entertainment guide, which included concert venue layouts, lists of sports and entertainment locations and contacts and the like.

Sonny was a great guy, a piece of cake to work with and a very creative personality. Skip was a little difficult to work with, but very good at his gig. Once when I first started at SHE I was doing overnights Sunday, and one of my jobs was to make sure the wire had paper so Skip would have plenty of news in the morning when he would show up around 5am. I checked the wire at around 3am and everything looked cool, plenty of paper. Skip was running a little late this particular morning and showed up around the same time as Sonny, about 5:30. The paper had jammed in the teletype. Skip threw a farking fit. Screaming and running up and down the hall, about how much of an asshole I was or something. Finally grabbing a full pot of coffee I had made for the boys and smashing it on the floor (rug) in a thousand little shards and a lake of coffee. Sonny gave me the eye and suggested I get the flock out of there. I did.

Neil Mirsky hired me, can’t say anything but nice things about Neil. I remember once he asked me if John Ford was my real name. I said yes, he asked what my middle name was, I told him. He smirked. I asked him why it was funny. He said, “It’s just so… white.” What a goy.

Drew was a cool dude. Last I heard he was doing mornings in Fort Myers, but that was a few years ago. He took over from Jim White, who in my opinion was the best rock and roll “jock” I ever heard. Big shoes to fill. Nancy was a cutie and a very sweet girl. She was always a joy to work with. Nina Joy had an ear for great music. She turned me on to T. Bone Burnett long before he was anyone with his Alpha Band records and Truth Decay. We were both Dylan fanatics and got each other.

I dug Joe St. Peter. I think his dad owned a diner or something. He told me his dad thought he was nuts doing this crazy radio thing when he could be making a living making moussaka or something. He was probably right. I got a great Joe story I will pass along at a later date. Kim Alexander, wonder what ever happened to her or Mark Emory? Ron Hersey, yea… as we all know, he did OK. We would often burn one after work.


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