Overnight Underground Mar 20 2019

Yang says hands off the wang. Trump says go ahead, release the hounds, eh report. New Zealand blocks web sites at the ISP level. Google looses more pocket change. Peppa is a sexist pig. 

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Yang is laissez faire on wang. According to the Daily Beast, Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang has taken a hands off position on circumcision. Yang tweeted last week that he was against the practice of ritualized cutting the foreskin of newborns. This news comes with Yang’s publicized stance on universal income, which he believes can curb racism and calling for penalties for fake news.


President Trump is backing the public release of the Mueller Report. Signs and rumors are pointing to the release of the Mueller Report, the investigation into Trump’s alleged ties to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Trump told reporters on the White House lawn that he was all for the report being made public. (Byte)


Following the terror attacks in New Zealand, it appears that internet providers in that country are blocking some web sites at the ISP level. Zero Hedge and InfoWars are both saying that their web sites are being blocked by the nations internet service providers. Users in New Zealand are able to load the sites using a VPN. New Zealand telecom CEOs, recently penned an open letter to Facebook, Twitter and Google, recommending that they adopt European proposals for policing of content for the sake of 'protecting consumers.'


Google has been hit with another whammy from the EU, to the tune of one point seven billion euros. In reality, just pocket change for Google. This latest fine, over anti-trust in advertising, brings the total to eight point two billion euros levied against the internet giant. Guess they will have to dig through the couch cushions.



Today the racist accusation the day goes to…. Let’s spin the wheel, Peppa pig. Peppa is accused of being a, ahem, racist pig, because he (can we say he?) used the term Fireman. The London Fire Brigade took umbrage with Peppa by tweeting, “ You have a huge influence on kids & using out of date stereotypical gender specific wording prevents young girls from becoming firefighters.” It’s a talking pig for god’s sake.



Overnight Underground News Mar 14 2019

Trump gets stonewalled. Rockets bursting in air, over Tel Aviv. Suspected CIA plane makes trip to Venezuela. Beto spreads the good news. Driving drunk while sober, it’s more likely than you think. 

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Today on the Overnight Underground, The Senate votes down President Trump’s border wall emergency, rockets are being fired at Israel and rumors of intervention in Venezuela.


It certainly was a rebuke to the President, the Republican controlled Senate voted to block the national emergency on the border wall. All in all a dozen Republicans joined Democrats to block the resolution to tap into six billion bucks for the southern border wall that had been set aside for other programs. No truth to the rumor the President was seen in the Oval Office digging through a box of crayons searching for the one labeled Veto.


Palestinians sent two olive branches into Israel on Thursday. According to multiple sources two rockets were fired toward Tel Aviv from Northern Syria. Netanyahu is reportedly holding an emergency security meeting and all hell could break loose at any moment. Rocket alert sirens were blaring in Tel Aviv for the first time in two years, all of this happening just three weeks before Israel holds a general election.



American diplomats are getting the hell out of Dodge, in Venezuela and there has been some mysterious aerial activity in the skies around the South American country. A cargo aircraft linked to the CIA appears to have landed in Caracas. This follows Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s decision to order all Embassy staff out of the country. Its unknown what the airplanes mission is, it could be for evacuating the embassy staff or possibly to bolster the CIA presence in Venezuela. Hold on to your shorts ladies and gents, remember the President said, (byte).


Beto O’Rourke has officially thrown his hat into the 2020 Presidential Race. Warning of impending doom from global warming and hundreds of millions of climate refugees and total extension in a dozen years Beto brought the good news of his campaign via video from El Paso.


You can’t be arrested for drunk driving if your sober. Well, you can if your name is Sober. 44-year-old Daniel Sober was arrested over the weekend for driving over the limit in suburban Pittsburgh. You can hear it now, “Are you drunk?” … No office I’m Sober.” Hey, he wasn’t lying.


Overnight Underground Mar 13 2019

Manafort gets more jail time and more bad news & maybe a Trump pardon. Boeing 737 Max get grounded worldwide. Venezuela just can’t catch a break and neither can the UK. NYPD discovers an amazing new use for police body cams. 

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Not the best of days for Paul Manafort, slapped with nearly a four year sentence, for a total of seven and half years behind bars for the former Trump campaign manager. Then, just following his federal sentence, came news that Manafort will face new mortgage and conspiracy charges from New York prosecutors. Ouch. Now the question remains, will President Trump pardon him? ABC’s chief legal analyst thinks so. That’s what he said on his Sirius XM show on Wednesday (byte) Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters that Trump pardoning Manafort would be a disaster for the President. So smart money is on another Presidential disaster.


The Boeing 737 Max 8’s and 9’s have been grounded worldwide. And this time it has nothing to do with gravity. President Trump announced the US would follow Canada and the rest of the world’s lead and ground the aircraft following two recent crashes. (Byte) Smart money will be on Boeing stock grounding just as quick as their planes.


Venezuela’s on fire yo! Multiple explosions are rocking power stations and substations and now an oil refinery in the South American country. Sources are reporting that the Petro San Félix oil refinery is currently on fire. No power, no water, no oil, no food and no dinero. Still, there are a lot of college kids who still ​​ think that it’s a paradise.


It’s a day ending in day, so there must be more drama happening in the UK. British lawmakers have again rejected more Brexit stuff. I know, it’s hard to keep track. British MP’s voted against the no-deal Brexit on Wednesday evening. Parliament closed this evening to a rounding rendition of Benny Hill’s Yackety Sax.


Here’s a use for police body cam’s you probably never considered. The NY Post is reporting that a Brooklyn cop accidentally recorded preforming oral sex on her boss with her body cam. The female officer thought she turned the camera off, but somehow during the action, the camera turned back on and caught the duo in the throngs of passion. The sexcapade was discovered following a review of body cam footage. Well, some people have always believed the NYPD sucked.


Overnight Underground News Mar 12 2019

Brits may try a second Brexit. Pelosi says no to Trump impeachment. AOC like you know, whatever. Wait, rich people pay to have their kids succeed in life?! Rupert Murdoch and Elizabeth Warren become very strange bedfellows. 

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The UK Parliament has again crushed another Brexit deal. Almost a thousand days after the voters decided to quit the EU, the house of commons dashed England’s plan to exit the European Union. What does all of this mean? No ones is exactly sure. Tomorrow will see a vote on the no deal Brexit, or as the Parliament hobbits like to call it, second Brexit.


House Speaker Pelosi says she believes Trump is unfit for office, but won’t move for impeachment. In the Washington Post magazine Pelosi stated, “impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path because it divides the country.” Undoubtedly this will infuriate the far-left with of her own party. (Byte)


The Overnight Underground has been laying off Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, but we just can’t bypass this montage from her recent appearance at the new political spring training ground South By South West. (Byte) There were over 70 “likes,” nearly 35 “you knows” and five “whatever’s” This was in-between the Mensa member stating America was “garbage,” capitalism is “irredeemable,” and President Reagan was a racist. Aint’ post modernism grand!


50 high profile big-wigs, including executives and Hollywood actresses have been charged in a nationwide college cheating scam. The alleged perps include Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin ​​ according to court records unsealed in Boston. The indicted allegedly paid bribes up to six million dollars to get their kids admitted into elite colleges including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and USC according to Federal prosecutors. Wait, what you’re saying is that rich people use their wealth to buy their kids a future! I’m shocked.


News Corp is calling for the breakup of Google in Australia. Rupert Murdoch's company petitioned regulators in a complaint that stated "Google enjoys overwhelming market power in both online search and ad tech services." News Corp Australia is a subsidiary of News Corp. The company owns 21st Century Fox, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and a whole shit load ​​ of papers and TV principals in the UK .Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. This follows news from earlier in the week when Elizabeth Warren argued that Amazon, Google and Facebook hold " too much power.” Warren found herself in the Facebook hole ​​ when the company deleted her ads that claimed the anti-social media company abuses its power. The ads were later restored. On Monday, Warren tweeted that Facebook’s actions were an example of why the social media behemoth’s should be busted.





Overnight Underground News Mar 11 2019

Trump issues budget and asks for billions for border wall. Demo’s pick Milwaukee for beer, ah convention. Power blackouts continue in Venezuela. Trump hates darkness or daylight. Bieber is depressed. Jameson whiskey bacon maple syrup pancakes… that is all. 

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President Trump just won’t give up on that damn border wall. The White House budget proposal is asking for eight point six billion dollars to build the wall on the nations southern border. Of course, the proposal drew condemnations from the Democrats. The figure is more than six times what Congress has allocated for border projects and around six percent more than the President would have demanded if emergency powers had been invoked. Contrary to rumors, the budget was not written in crayon on a single page.


In other political poop, Milwaukee has been chose for the Democratic National Convention. You may remember that Wisconsin was the state Hillary lost to Trump in the last election and drew criticism because it was left off her schedule visit during the campaign. Milwaukee beat out Miami and Houston as the pick for the Dems.


Much of Venezuela is still in the dark amid power blackouts and rampant looting in the South American country. Venezuela’s President Maduro is blaming the US for the countries power woes, saying the electricity grid has been hacked in and act of sabotage on the Guri hydroelectric dam. The Daily Mail reports a number of people have been detained following looting at supermarkets in Caracas. An unnamed American official has not reportedly said, “We didn’t do it. But you know, we totally would screw with them if given the opportunity. But lets face it, it’s much easier sit back and let them step on their own dicks."


How are you enjoying your first day back at work following the time change? Not so much? If Trump gets his way, you may never had to deal with it again. The President gave the thumbs up to making daylight savings time permanent, days after a congressional bill suggested the change.


Justin Bieber is felling very, very depressed. The, just what exactly is he anyway, the post-modern teeny bopper pop star says he has been “struggling a lot” and has asked his fans to pray for him. Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin said in a Vogue interview recently that they were both in therapy to deal with their communication issues. In the words of legendary philosopher George Carlin, “It’s true that money can’t buy you happiness, but somehow it’s much more comfortable crying in a Porsche than on a Bicycle.


Jameson whiskey bacon maple syrup pancakes. Did that get your attention. Just a public service announcement from the Overnight Underground. You can find the recipe on the Irish Post. The link, available at johnford.radio.



John Ford Podcast 41

What could be the most important lesson I learned about doing good/entertaining radio I learned at my first radio gig. The worst radio station I ever cracked a mic at. Rambling on WADY-The Lady “Radio for Singles only.” Sex radio in Miami in the ’70s.

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Mostly Accurate Transcription:


John Ford: 00:37 So here's a question of the hour. Where do you get your best ideas? I don't mean where do those best ideas come from? I mean, where are you when you're get your best ideas? Is that when you're sitting on the crapper uh, is it when you were driving in your car? Now me and, and best ideas will keep in quotes because I'm not sure what I consider to be best ideas aren't necessarily what you would consider to be best ideas or Swhat anyone in the entire known universe and galaxy would consider to be best ideas. But I have a tendency to come up with really good ideas when I'm taking a shower. And you like that too, where if you are, you're pretty weird. Yeah, it's, I, for some reason, you know, when I'm scrubbing in, the bubbles are going, I come up with brainstorms. That to me seemed brilliant at the time.

John Ford: 01:24 It's like when you dropped acid and, and you, you figured out the meaning to life, the universe and the everything and it wasn't 42, uh, it was really deep and mysterious and suspenseful. And then afterwards, eight hours later when you've come down off your trip, one, you either can't remember it or two, you remember it and think it seemed brilliant at the time. But boy was that stupid. Now when I come up with an idea in the shower, it's often kind of interesting. I've come up with some, I've actually written songs in the shower and that's singing in my lie, but crafting the lyrics in my head, uh, whether that they were good songs and bad songs that I can't really even tell you. Uh, that sort of up to the beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that. But the other day, and now as I was doing the bubbly scribbly thing in the shower, I was thinking about the first radio job I ever had.

John Ford: 02:19 And this is going back quite a few years. And, and truth, the first radio job I ever had was at a Black Gospel station. Uh, it was a tiny little am daytimer. It was a tiny little am day timer. Now for those not of the radio world, daytimer means is that they couldn't be on a night. It was an AM signal. AM is like BM except it's not on an FM for those of you don't know what am is. I realize we're living in a different age now, but it was an am signal and it was called w e x, y, waxy, not be confused with, waxy, which was an Oldies station one that had Rick Shaw. And so yeah, my first job was at the station called wexy and it was a a m day timer. It probably had like a thousand watts, uh, and in a pattern with multiple towers.

John Ford: 03:16 So it wasn't just equally radiated. In other words, it went straight up in the air and straight back down outside of the format being Black Gospel. Nobody really, not, not very many people listen to the damn thing. It was kind of an interesting gig. Uh, one of the things I would have to do is I would have to show up at like five o'clock in the morning and go through the teletype, the wires, the wire, the UPI and AP and I would have to put together, and this is amazing, I would have to put together a one half hour newscast and about 10 minutes before six o'clock in the morning, half asleep. And you know, I'm a teenager for God's sakes. And of course I would screw around with the news, but the half an hour try reading a half an hour's worth of news sometimes. And it was all just rip and read.

John Ford: 04:07 Uh, I did the best I could. Uh, you know, and, and some of my friends would listen and I would, uh, insert their names into the story. Like a Winston Churchill today met with Fred Smith. Of course Fred Smith was my friend. Hey and I would just make up stuff in the news cause I knew nobody was listening anyways and whoever who would know it was a black gospel station. Like they would know who Winston Churchill was hanging out with. And this is not a disparaging mark and it was six o'clock in the morning or five 30 in the morning or whenever it was at the station side on whatever daylight was half an hour with the news. So I would screw around with the news and just rip and read off the teletype. Um, but the reason I started thinking about this, the station that I worked at, this Black Gospel station, it was really awful except for the music.

John Ford: 04:54 The music was kind of cool. I mean it was like, you know, real honest to God jumping Black Gospel music. I mean it was a real deal. Can't remember too many of the artists, but it was like the real, the real McCoy, not to use like a, an Irish word. It was like the real Rufus. It was a great radio station as far as music and the disc jockeys. Uh, then the disc jockeys were all old black guys and they were just awful. I mean, they were horrible. They were the worst discharge jockeys you've ever heard in your life. And what they would do is people would call up, uh, on the phone while they're playing the records and they would say, dedicate this to may bell or dedicate this to uncle Ralphie or dedicate this to sister June. And what they would do is they would turn the music up and down in the middle of the song in the middle of the song and you know, they'd be playing Oh Yea.

John Ford: 05:51 Jesus. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then they turn it down and then they go, this goes out to brother Rufus and then they turn it back up. Joh Yea Jesus, dude, I do. I’d play music and show you how they did it. But current laws and regulations are so freaking prohibitive by playing music on podcasts that the FBI's going to come banging on my door and shoot me off to the jail. I don't need that. I don't want it. But yeah. Who So, and they would do this over and over. You live dead. Jesus. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This goes on to Miba woulda diseases. Yay. And just goes out to

John Ford: 06:23 Jesus is the Jesus. Yay.

John Ford: 06:25 It is, goes out to [inaudible]. And they were, it was so bad. And, and the, the, the, we had wooden floors, the floors were wood that, you know, and it was a sit down operation means they weren't standing up doing this show. They were sitting down having these roll guys too. And they would pile that musically play and they would pound their feet on the floor. And the, you'd have to put quarters, and this was records, they were records, they played records. It wasn't even high tech cart machines, man. They played records and they would literally put two quarters on the records and they would pound their feet on the floor. Boom, boom, boom with the music. Jesus. Yeah, boom, boom. And you could see like the papers and stuff bouncing up and down on the desk. Right. And sometimes they would get so into it. That is the record. You know, the needle would come up and visit Jesus ea.

John Ford: 07:29 This goes out and maybe, oh Geez,

John Ford: 07:32 boom, boom, boom, pounding their feet. Um, it was really, really bad. It was as bad as you could ever possibly consider doing a broadcast broadcast radio. But there was one thing, there was something that I learned from that and I even realized it at the time, even though I was just a dumb kid, what the hell did I know? What the hell do I know now? Not a whole hell of a lot older you get the more you realize you don't know. But there was one thing that I learned that was amazing and that I kept with me and it became more important as as life continued on its journey, is that these guys, they were having fun on the radio. They were really enjoying what they were doing. They were smiling, they were having a blast man. They were having a ball and it was infectious and the listeners could tell and it w it went through that microphone. It went out on the airwaves where the power of the air and it went into the speakers of brother Rufus. It was listening at home and, and the listeners could feel this fun and excitement that they were having like a, like a preacher man. And that was something, trying to remember the name of the one guy that was like the main gap, brother something brothers, something in the old age, brother Rufus and the old ship a Zion, no, brother Lee and the old ship of Zion on waxy am

John Ford: 09:14 okay.

John Ford: 09:14 You couldn't understand half of what he said. He mumbled through things. Obviously his dentures were ready to fall out. He was aged.

John Ford: 09:23 Yeah,

John Ford: 09:23 it was the worst radio you could ever possibly imagine. The music was cool in my opinion, quarters on the turntables. But he was having fun and the listeners could tell it goes my dog growl at the pussy cat again. And listeners can tell. And it came through the speakers and, and that part of it was just amazing. He was having fun and it and that's something you can't teach somebody how to do and broadcast or I would imagine even with a stupid podcast crap.

John Ford: 09:56 And I now remember another guy that I worked with, um, and this was at w s h e in Miami. And he, he'd had this down. He nailed this and he had great Mike Technique. Yeah. Great Mike Technique, man, pulling off that mic, wondering what that pattern was and making it sound kind of cool. Um, his name was Jim White. He went by on the air was long Jim White, and I think he's still in Dallas at, um, the rock station there. The one that guy red beard was on. Boy was he a nothing but Jim White. So anyways, when I worked with Jim White years ago at WSHE Miami, this was, you know, early in my early in by radio broadcasting career, he was kind of, he had stayed on after the station had switched from a very, very cool format. I mean, of course it was always a rock format, uh, but it was like, I think they call themselves the new rock of, uh, the new wave.

John Ford: 10:57 In other words, they were playing all this new wave music back in 79 and [inaudible] 78 when everybody else was jumping on the classic rock band wagon. And I think the [inaudible] 79, they won the rolling stone readers, Paul for the best radio station in the United States, which was kind of a big deal. And what are the reasons it was a big deal is because every year that was won by, I believe it was, and if I'm wrong, don't shoot me a WMS in Cleveland. And they basically that station one at every year and they had always been accused of stuffing the ballots, uh, to, to win that. So even if they did stuff, the ballots, they didn't win that year because she was such a great radio station. And you got to think, uh, you know, the, the Milners that own the station for letting Tommy Judge, uh, Tommy Milner do that. And Jim White was doing afternoons at during and he had stayed even after the station was sold and it switched to the Burkhart Abrams superstars format. For those of you not in radio, this means nothing except that they had switched from this really cool alternative rock thing in 1979 to your mainstream rock format. A Libra, miss Burkhart Abrams format. But Jim White.

John Ford: 12:18 Okay.

John Ford: 12:19 He wasn't when he was on the year Itchy Jim White weight. He wasn't the most amazing jock ever, but he loved what he was doing and just like brother lee and the old ship Zion, it came through on the air and he had this great mic technique where he'd back off from the Sennheiser and say, Hey, what's happening and rock and roll. And He, he was so infectious when he was on the air. The point I'm making here is that if you're having fun, if you believe in what you're doing, if you're having a good time, the wolf man, it'd be the perfect example of this. The listener can tell on the air that you're enjoying yourself, that you're having fun man, that you really into it, that it's part of your being and it infects through the airwaves to the listener, like a, like a staph infection, like a venereal disease.

John Ford: 13:17 Okay.

John Ford: 13:18 But they can tell man. And as opposed as going through the motions, written aligner cards, doing your thing, doing nothing. They can tell when you stop and your foot out of the four and the needles are going up and down on the record and you really enjoyed it and not just going through the motions. Since I seem to be on this kick of reminiscing about the old radio days this week on the evening ranker, what the hell? Let's um, let's continue the ponderings and many ways it's part of the bitch about politics. God knows everybody gets tired of that. Don't you get tired of that? I get tired of that. The insanity from both sides of the aisle. Anyway, so wait, let me take you back to the mid 19 [inaudible]. I think it was probably 77 or early 78. I'm thinking it was 77 I took a part time job at a country station in southeast Florida in Davey.

John Ford: 14:17 Actually the city of license was Davey. I think the station was actually physically in Hollywood, Florida, just west of Sheridan Street back then. That used to be just nothing but cow pastures, ​​ and Davey was always sort of like the cowboy area of south Florida. Kind of like the Texas of Fort Lauderdale. But I took this job at a country station. It was an am station 1520 I think 1580 out enough 15 something. It was WGMA and it was a pretty cool little country station, you know, it had a very active country lists I eat on and I enjoyed working on it, although I never really thought I would want to work on a country station, but I took this Gig at this country station and I will say this about country stations. They had the best listeners. I mean these people were pleasant, nice and great to talk to and they just loved the radio stations.

John Ford: 15:07 I think country listeners are just great listeners. Anyways, this was kind of a heritage country station for soft floor. That was one of the few countries stations on the dial. There were no FM country stations back then and the owner of this station decided to change formats and they hired a guy out of Hawaii by the name of Dave Denver. Well that was the name he went by on the air. Richard Lipton cod was who he was, who later became a record guy and you know, had programmed a lot of stations. He had programmed this station in Honolulu, which had this guy on a named Acu who, uh, who had like a 50 share some crazy thing, which meant that of all the radios that were on half the people were listening to this guy when he was on by Dave Dick, whatever you want to call them, uh, have, I can't, he had this idea for this format and he said, you know, why can we can put this format on him?

John Ford: 16:04 Why in Miami, because it's the Miami market, Miami, Fort Lauderdale Metro, and it'll be so wild that people will go to aim to listen to it if you would think about this today. Yeah. And am trying to compete with why 100 goose. It sounds crazy. It was crazy. It was never going to work, but you know, I guess they paid them enough to give it a shot and he brought a bunch of people with him to this, uh, radio stations, 1580 or whenever it was double the GMA in Davie Florida to switch the format. He brought a bunch of people with him from Hawaii. That was a guy by the name of Nolan Cruz who went by the name Susan Cruz in Hawaii and Buddy Hollis, I think, who later went to the Rock Station, k one oh two as a station began to flip. I was, I think the only person they kept on and they gave me overnights, which I was happy to have.

John Ford: 16:54 Now what made the station so strange is that, and you could never, you think about this as I explained what the station was to you, you could never ever get away with this today it was called radio four singles only and it had a silhouette of a woman, kind of like that silhouette that a, the Peterbilt trucks had. But it was in pink of the naked woman reclining. And the whole concept was basically it was like sex radio. So it was done like a top 40 format, like a CHR format. Uh, all very forward motion. I'll talk over music and you know, lots of it was, it was a CHR was a top 40 station, but we had playboys and penthouses strewn all over the place. Uh, that was where you got your ad libs for your breaks and the PSA is were wacky man.

John Ford: 17:45 The public service announcements for things like, I can still remember this one after sex, a warm damp towel is the perfect thing for your mate. Yeah. That was the PSA, right? That was a public service announcement. I always wondered how they were going to get pat that past the FCC is serving the public interest. It was actually kind of a cool radio station, but it's the things, the windows and the sexual oriented stuff that we would do on there. You could never ever get away with it today. Not because we live in such a conservative world of Covey's, we live in such a world that is buffeted by this, you know, social justice world. The social war. It's also just social justice warriors. They would never allow anything like this on that. They, they, it wouldn't be Jerry Falwell out there protesting your radio station. It would be the left.

John Ford: 18:35 Isn't that wacky? How things have worked out. Isn't that just strange? So here's the story I'm going to tell you about that station the day where we're going to flip that format. Um, all the music had been carted up, but it's a very busy thing. You know, we had recorded all the staffers ready to go, and Dave Denver, Richard Lippincott had gone on the air. He was actually, he was actually okay on the air. I said to him once, how come you're not out of the year? You're kind of good. And he said, look, if on the best thing I can find it put on the air, we're all in trouble. But he was actually okay on the air. So he opened up the Mike for about four or five hours before we flipped the format at midnight, I guess starting at about seven or eight o'clock in the evening.

John Ford: 19:12 And this station was in the middle of nowhere, uh, it literally in a cow pasture, uh, which I'm sure now that, that area is built up and has million dollar homes on it. Uh, but it had a big parking lot in front of it would where the towers were. And he flipped the mic and went on the air and just started. Lambasting country listeners, country listeners are just people that sit around picking their nose and their stupid and taking phone calls on the air from these country listeners. And Man, did they get pissed? So what ended up happening is, uh, and I had split just before all the mayhem started. Uh, what ended up happening as I took off and he was doing this on the air. I was like, I have to get home, get some sleep because I've been taping music and carting up music for hours is, uh, the station had a big plate glass window in front of where the parking lot was.

John Ford: 20:05 And, uh, all the country listener started showing up in the pickup trucks and you know, getting fricken peer kid and drunk and yelling and screaming and throwing things at the window. And eventually it came to the point where he had to dive under the studio with Mike and hand and asked for the police to come because these people were riding and they were getting ready to trash the radio station and the cops did come and everything would wacky and the format eventually did flip to the, the lady, which I think the ladies 1320 the lady, for singles only. And you think about it in the 70s, in south Florida, that format should have worked if it was on FM bright just wouldn't have worked on am cause nobody was listening to music on am at that point at or at any point that, you know, after the 60s, early seventies, because of that incident, we ended up getting all kinds of press, national press pay.

John Ford: 21:00 Playboy magazine covered it. Uh, yeah. You know, you couldn't have asked for better [inaudible]. I mean as far as the launch go, you couldn't have asked for a better launch, but people just didn't listen to it because it was on am and bull of what a weird place to work, man. All the Geeky you can imagine the listeners to that thing, and he's a crazy women in the 70s in Miami that would a Yab for sexual favors or the for these ugly disc jockeys at this radio station. It was weird, man. It was wild. One of the strangest trips I've ever been on. Well, I guess that's about it for this week's program. Thank you for coming with me down. Radio Memory Lane helps. Some of it was interesting. I've got even more bizarre stories in that, but that'll have to wait for another time next week. Who knows what the hell we'll talk about on the John Ford podcasts the evening rankor till then.


Overnight Underground News Mar 8 2019

Manafort and Manning both in the clink. Jobs hit a brick wall. Venezuela goes dark and blames it on US. Best Korea is blowing stuff up again. Knife crime in UK blamed on porn and video games. Vegas goes all in for ranch dressing. Town elects goat as mayor

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Mostly Accurate Transcript:


Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has been sentenced to nearly four years in club Fed for tax and bank fraud. Manafort has already served 9 months in jail and will get credit for his time served. At this rate, Roger Stone will probably get community service and never forget, Hillary is still free. President Trump had this to say about Manafort on Friday (Byte-Trump)


Also heading to the clink is Chelsea Manning. The former army intelligence analyst is being jailed for refusing to testify to a grand jury regarding an investigation into WikiLeaks. The Judge in the case stated Manning will remain behind bars until she testifies or the grand jury is concluded. (Byte-Trump)


Job creation hit a brick wall in February but wages are still on the uptick. Payrolls were up just 20 thousand and the unemployment rate fell to three point eight percent. It’s the worst month for job creation since 2017.


Massive blackouts have hit Venezuela. 22 of the countries 23 states have seen crippling power outages sending thousands into the streets from subways stumbling through some of Caracas’ most violent streets, looking for busses or just walking home. Of course, Venezuela’s pinko commie government has blamed the US as being responsible for an “electrical war” against the South American country. Democrats allegedly have been having closed door meetings considering air-dropping Bernie Sanders into Venezuela to help fix the mess.


North Korea might be blowing stuff up again. The Mirror reports that Best Korea had a 2.1 tremor that was reportedly caused by “artificial” activity. Speculation is that the quake might have been caused by an explosion in a mine. This comes following news earlier in the week that there was increased activity at a factory that produces missiles in the DPRK. No reason to panic though, maybe fat boy just dropped his sammich. President Trump said this on Friday regarding the North Korean Dictator. (Bytep-Trump) Former President Jimmy Carter is offering to travel to North Korea for denuclearization talks. That could work, but only if Dennis Rodman goes along for the ride.


The UK’s Shadow Home Secretary is blaming the recent spate of knife crime in the UK on porn and video games. Dianne Abbot says that hardcore porn and violent video games are causing the rise in violent crime in the UK and that the deadly duo is to blame for the violent crime. Hey, Abbot, you know what would reduce knife crime? Guns! Get with the program would you cousins.


So, you say you like ranch dressing? Hidden Valley is celebrating with a “bring your own bottle” event in Vegas on Sunday. Claiming that they will fill whatever container you bring with ranch dressing. Bathtubs, tanker trucks, oil tankers… you name it. This all takes place at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino for one hour on Sunday. Fill a kiddie pool and start the first ranch dressing wrestling venue on the strip. The possibilities are almost endless.


A Vermont town has elected a goat as honorary mayor. A Nubian goat named Lincoln is due to become honorary pet mayor of the small town of Fair Haven. Lincoln the goat beat out other contenders by 13 votes, including a dog named sammie who only garnered 10 votes. The town mayor said , “It was a great way to introduce the elementary school kids to local government.” Maybe the kids could have the new honorary mayor over for a BBQ.



Overnight Underground News Blip Mar 6 2019

The House Democrats in an uproar over Anti Semitism vote. Kim is playing with his erector set again. R Kelly cries on national TV. Pay TV is dying. Ban the balloons! Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook to become privacy focused (hahahahahha…)

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Mostly Accurate Transcript





House democrats are having a tough time overcoming their split over passing a resolution condemning anti-semitism. The Dem’s reportedly clashed during a closed-door meeting Wednesday over how best to respond to Representative Ilhan Omar’s repeated use of alleged anti-Semitic platitudes. One member of Omar’s clan of far-leftists clashed with the Democratic leadership over an agreement to vote on a resolution aimed at what they called a nefarious “dual loyalty” to the U.S. and Israel. Roll Call is reporting Democrats are looking to broaden the language of the resolution to include other types of bigotry. ​​ Trump has called for Omar to resign. (Byte Trump) Although the resolution seems to have Omar squarely in its crosshairs, so far Democrats have reportedly not included Omar’s name in any draft proposals. Voldemort!





North Korea’s Kim is getting his erections going again. Following the failed Trump/Kim summit in Vietnam, North Korea appears to be rebuilding a rocket launching site. The DC based think tank, CSIS, has obtained images that have spotted the activity in the North West corner of the DRPK. So far, the White House has declined to comment on the activity.




Rapper R Kelly is denying the allegations of sexual abuse against him. Kelly said this in an interview on CBS This Morning. (Byte-Kelly) The charges stem from allegations involving 4 women, three of whom were underage when the alleged events took place.




The party looks like it’s over for pay tv. According to a study by the Leichtman Research Group, cord-cutters are leaving the pay TV world by nearly twice as much in 2018 as the previous year. Nearly 2.9 million folks canceled their pay TV subscriptions. Direct TV and Dish were at the head of the pack loosing the bulk of subscribers. That’s not even considering the numbers that cut off their Cox…. cable.




First they came for your straws and I said nothing, then they came for your sunscreen and I stayed silent. Now they want your balloons, and. It’s too late. Treehugger wants to ban your balloons bucko. The balloon ban, promulgated on an op-ed on the Treehuger web site, states that balloons are the leading cause of death for seabirds, according to the University of Tasmania. What devils! Won’t someone think of the the crying children!



Here’s the funniest story of the day. Facebook founder and overlord Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly outlined plans to move Facebook to "privacy-focused" platform. In a three thousand word note on Wednesday, the big Zuck said, quote, “"I believe the future of communication will increasingly shift to private, encrypted services where people can be confident what they say to each other stays secure and their messages and content won't stick around forever. This is the future I hope we will help bring about.” How’s he gonna’ sell that? I mean, literally, their entire business plan revolves around selling the information you give to them. How is he going to sell that? Maybe he’ll create another company that lets Facebook users keep their data private, for a small fee.




Overnight Underground News Mar 5 2019

Hillary & Bloomberg bow out of 2020, Alabama could be in for more severe weather. SF rent is too dam high and men are underpaid at Google. The coming porn ban in the UK & Mel B gets her private parts scraped to remove traces of her ex. 

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Mostly Correct Transcript:







Hillary has thrown in the towel. The now non-candidate said in an interview with Wesctchester News 12 TV yesterday that she will not enter the crowded 2020 presidential race. (Byte-Hillary) This is seen as a major setback for all the candidates who were hoping to run against Hillary in the 2020 election. Bernie Sanders has remained silent on rumors that his new campaign slogan was rumored to be, “Bernie 2020, Let’s find out together if I can live 8 more years.” Former New York mayor and all around rich guy Michael Bloomberg also bowed out of the Presidential race. He said at a news conference on Tuesday, that instead he will be launching a new environmental campaign, Beyond Carbon.





Complete devastation in parts of Alabama on Monday as a tornado outbreak in the southeast is responsible for at least 23 deaths. The tornados left more than 10 thousand homes and business without power. If that’s not enough to convince you of the power of these storms, a billboard on US highway 280 is reported to have flown 20 miles and landed intact. To make matters worse, Alabama could see more severe weather and possible tornados this weekend.








In San Francisco, the rent is too damn high. According to rental site Zumper, the city by the bay a one bedroom apartment’s median rent is just under a whopping $3,700 A Month. That is indeed the highest in the nation. Double that of Miami and 30 percent higher than NY City. In somewhat related news, Google’s annual pay equity study found out that one sex employed by the company has a serious gender and racial pay gap problem. The study discovered that male engineers were paid less than women for doing similar jobs, prompting raises to thousands of men for 2019. This comes as the tech giant is fighting a both a class action lawsuit and an investigation by the government alleging underpayment of its female employees. Oops!




Oh my god, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! On April first, and this is no fooling, the UK begins the free porn ban. Porn sites will be required to get proof of ID from Brit residents before they can watch any smut. When horny surfers land on a porn site, they will have to use what’s called an AgeID username or password to access said porn. You’ll have to shuffle down to local shop and purchase a special ID card which allow you to link to an app known as Portes. That will set you back around 5 pounds and maybe a bit of embarrassment. Or you could just get a VPN.




Spice Girl Mel B recently announced that she had her vagina scraped to remove all traces of her ex. In an interview with The Guardian, promoting her new book, Mel said, They scraped the inside of my vagina and put new tissue in. essentially, you want to scrub yourself clean." She went on to say that she didn’t, “want to feel like the last person that was inside my vagina was this monster." There is no truth to the rumor that the physician found a spare tire, car keys and a flashlight.






Overnight Underground News Blip Mar 4 2019

Trump swore in front of a HUGE Republican crowd, I shoot you not! Free speech and all that. Bernie runs on the platform he is not Trump. Trump has more trouble coming from The House. Spending is down, Victoria’s Secret goes bust, Seal eats loaf of bread & spend a day in the park

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Mostly Correct Overnight Underground News Transcript

President Trump made an appearance at the C-PAC convention over the weekend. The President spoke candidly about the ongoing Russia investigation. (Byte) Well, that’s about all you really need to know about that.


Mr Trump did say that he’s vowing to sign an executive order that will require colleges and universities to "support free speech" in order to be eligible for federal research dollars. (Byte)


Bernie Sanders officially threw his hat into the 2020 presidential race over the weekend, his platform… He’s not trump. (Byte)


To say it has been a busy week in Washington would be an understatement. The House Judiciary Committee is probing possible obstruction by Trump, and no one in their right mind wants that kind of probe. The panel will look into possible obstruction of justice and abuse of power by President Trump. ​​ Requests for over 60 documents will be issued, Representative Jerrold Nadler told ABC’s This Week.


Here’s the roundup.


Consumer spending is down. For the first time in over three years, personal income fell and consumer spending is down about a half a percent. That is the most its dropped since December of 2009.


Victoria’s Secret is going bust. Tits Up. Well, at least 53 of its stores are. The skimpy outfitter is shuttering the stores due to what it says was, “a bad Christmas.” What, no stocking stuffers!


Musician Carly Rae Jepsin, yea I have no idea. Said that she was once on a flight with Seal and he ate a whole loaf of bread, one piece at a time. Seal the musician, not the aquatic mammal. I got nuthin’.


Spending 20 minutes a day in the park will make you a happier camper. Research from the International Journal of Environmental Health Research says evidence shows that just hanging out in a park, taking in the glory of nature will lower your risk of developing psychiatric disorders. The researchers also report that you don’t even have to do anything, no physical activity required. Of course, if your local park is filled with bums and junkies, it probably all just cancels out.