WSHE Miami Group Staff Photo from @ 1981

WSHE Group Picture

From the top-left: Joe St Peter, Skip Hermann, Some Degenerate, Neil Mirsky, Nina Joy, Drew Townshend. Bottom from the left: Sonny Fox, Nancy G, Ron Hersey, (Damn it, I can’t remember her name-Kim Alexander… Thanks Ron) and Mark Roden.

I have no idea what happened to Joe St. Peter, he was a good guy. Last I heard from Skip he was a Luthier somewhere in the south. Damn fine profession. The degenerate, haven’t got a clue. Neil is retired from radio I heard and living in Florida (probably living it up on early bird specials). Nina Joy, died in 2015. Nina and I had similar musical tastes. She turned me on to T Bone Burnett and the Alpha Band records, I will always thank her for that. Drew passed away from a heart attack I believe. Was working for an NPR affiliate in Brevard County Florida. Sonny Fox, a talented man. Nancy G, a sweetheart. Ron Hersey, still hanging in there and living in the Miami metro. Mark Roden I believe is a Professor at Florida State I think.

The picture was taken on the side of the “trailer park” WSHE building if I remember correctly.

What a crew. Was a lot of fun.


  1. Hey John, The girl you can’t remember is Kim Alexander. She’s now an author. Sorry to hear Nina passed away. Hope you are doing well. I believe Skp and Nancy are still together and he’s working at a retirement community. I used Nancy for some VO a while back and she still sounded great. Those were good times.

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