KDGE-The Edge Picture with Roger King and John Ford

This is from Radio and Records, not sure of the date. Gawd, the management at The Edge would whore us out for any damn promotion they could make a buck off of. I remember when they opened the Hooters in Dallas, it stirred up quite a bit of controversy. Dallasites were pretty much convinced that Hooters was nothing more than a strip-joint. Being from Florida, with a Hooters on every corner, I knew it was really nothing more than a wings joint with girls in bikinis. Dallasites, what is the rule for what you call people from a city. How come it’s not Parisites instead of of Parisians.

Roger was a good egg, pretty much willing to go along with just about any looney idea I would come up with. We had an ongoing bit pretty much making fun of the silly contests that radio stations would come up with. Let’s face it, some station would come up with an idea, and because of lack of creative initiative at other stations, other markets would pick it up. Turkey bowling is a perfect example. Somebody had the idea somewhere and other markets would flock to it, instead of coming up with their own idea.

So in making fun of turkey bowling, we came up with fish-head golf. I sent roger out to a fish market after the show to buy as many fish-heads as he could come up with and go to a thrift store and buy some cheap golf clubs. Roger got a few woods and a driver I think and the next morning we invited listeners to stop by some field somewhere in Las Colinas and whomever drove a fish-head longest, won some stupid prize. I don’t remember, maybe it was free tickets to Fishbone, can’t remember. Needless to say, it was a wonderfully bloody mess.

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