Overnight Underground News May 4th 2020

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Trump ups the death toll ante. Zero bail fail in California. The worst coronavirus mask choice ever and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters just loves Biden.  These stories coming up on today’s Overnight Underground News.  I’m John Ford.  

Trump ups the ante. 

You know, just when you think things might be getting better, comes news reported on the New York Times that the Trump administration is projecting somewhere in the neighborhood of three thousand daily deaths by early June. The President is pushing for states to open up and get the economy back on track with an upbeat approach to ending the lockdown, but apparently the administration is privately worried about a second wave and new deaths reaching that three thousand mark next month. 

In his town hall promotional event, Trump said that deaths could reach a hundred thousand, that’s double his prediction from just two weeks ago. Trump also said this on Friday concerning coronavirus death totals President Trump reiterating how proud he is of his administration’s death totals. Trump also took time out from his virtual town hall to take a swipe at his favorite enemy, the press. In this exchange, the President compares himself to Lincoln. Other than that Mister President, how was the play. 

Cali bail fail

California’s coronavirus zero bail policy is working out well. So well in fact that one guy was arrested and released three times in one day. ABC News reports that Dijon Landrum, can you believe it, his mother named him after mustard,  was arrested in Glendora for car theft and was allegedly attempting to drive away in the stolen vehicle. He was issued a citation and released. About an hour later. Mister mustard  was then nabbed for stealing property from multiple  homeowners yards, again he was issued a citation and released. Later that night he got busted for stealing a car and again cited and released. There is no truth to the rumor that the LA police are going to start a loyalty rewards program for criminals so they can rack up points for fun and prizes on the catch and release program. 

KKK coronavirus mask

Well, all you said was we had to wear a mask. In the San Diego suburb of Santee, a shopper showed up at the Vons grocery store donning a KKK mask. Needless to say, some folks have their panties in a bunch over it, including the local mayor. According to Seven San Diego, grocery store workers repeatedly asked the man to take off the hood, but he just ignored them until he was in the checkout area. I suppose that’s one way to maintain social distancing. 

Roger Waters dunks Biden

Former Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters, hasn’t let his disdain for republican politicians get in the way to taking a shot at Joe Biden. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Waters called the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, a… well let’s let Waters speak for himself. Come on, Roger, tell us what you really think. 

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