Overnight Underground News April 29th 2020

The Overnight Underground Podcast, here’s the headlines: Pence goes naked. Cuomo’s daily bitchfest. It’s time to isolate your dog. Disinfectant-gate keeps rolling along and garbage truck fires are now a thing. These stories & more coming up on today’s Overnight Underground News.  I’m John Ford.

The President didn’t do anything stupid enough to garner media attention yesterday, so the Vice President kindly stepped into the breech. Pence is under the gun for not wearing a face mask while visiting the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic allegedly told Pence that their policy was that all visitors need to put a mask on their puss, Pence passed on the recommendation. His reasoning for not wearing a mask? The VP said he wanted to look the healthcare workers, quote: “in the eye.” I think Pence needs to get Fauchi or one of the other White House experts to explain how to wear a mask.

New York Governor Cuomo used his bully pulpit to cast the blame of the covid pandemic on everyone but himself on Tuesday. His targets, public health agencies, the intelligence community and every politician’s favorite foil, the media.The New York Post notes that Cuomo has also openly grappled with Mayor Bill de Blasio as well on the face mask issue. Cuomo having a little Howard Beale moment on live TV.

Speaking of Mayor de Blasio, he’s getting as good as Trump for Tweeting with his foot in his mouth. The Mayor specifically called out the Jewish community in New York for gathering in large groups, following an outdoor funeral by an orthodox jewish sect in Brooklyn. The Mayor Tweeted, that he quote: “instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups.” Goodwin’s law it seems is in full effect. Right or wrong isn’t going to matter here, he’s joined the ranks of those guilty of offending someone or some group. Mister Mayor, you helped create this beast of offense, now learn live with it.

Oh brother, now you have to socially isolate your dog. The CDC has issued a warning that your pets now need to follow the same social-distancing rules as you do during the COVID-19 pandemic. So no dog parks or sniffing buts with the neighbors dogs. According to the CDC, “do not let pets interact with people or animals outside the household.” Also, avoid dog parks or public places where a large number of people and dogs gather. Last week two cats in New York came down with the infection and a pug in North Carolina became the first dog in the US known to authorities to have become infected. And no, don’t bleach your dog.

It’s just the story that the press refuses to let die, disinfectant-gate. A new Reuters poll says that ninety eight percent of ‘Mericans think injecting disinfectant into plague infected patients is a generally bad idea. Makes you wonder about the two percent who think it’s a spiffy idea. Overall Trumps ratings remain about the same as a week ago, with forty-three percent of Americans saying they approve of his overall job performance. Remember folks, use code Maga2020 for a thirty percent discount at checkout on your bleach and disinfectant needs.

Doctor Fauchi, the coronavirus expert at the White House that everyone seems so fond of, even getting Brad Pitt love on Saturday Night Live, appears to have a little alleged covid dirt of his own. According to an article reported in Newsweek, the organization led by Doctor Fauchi, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, financed scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other institutions for work on research on bat coronaviruses. Many scientists have been critical of the “gain of function” research that Fauchi’s institute funded, which involves manipulating viruses in the lab to probe their potential for infecting humans. The scientists’ fear revolves around the research creating a risk of unleashing a pandemic by accidental release. Sound familiar?

In a somewhat unrelated story, drug maker Pfizer is now saying that they could have a coronavirus vaccine available by the fall.  Officials from Pfizer told the Wall Street Journal that testing of the vaccine could begin as early as next week and emergency usage could happen in the fall. Clinical trials have already started in Germany, where Pfizer is working with German-based BioNtech. New York based Pfizer has already invested six hundred and fifty thousand samolians into vaccine research for coronavirus. Pfizer, aren’t they the ones who invented viagra? Tell you what, if you’re rona’ virus vaccine can also give me a woodie, I’ll pay extra. 

If you picked boneless chicken as the next food shortage to hit the US, step right up and pick up your foul prize. yea I know. Anyways, it seems meat packing plants have reduced supplies of boneless chicken and the popular cut of meat is next on the hard to find list at the store. The pandemic infections at meat packing plants have reduced slaughter activity and could make boneless cuts as rare as hens teeth. Look bunkie, here’s a little hint. It’s not that hard to take a well sharpened boning knife and bone the damn chicken yourself. I’m sure there is a youtube video that will explain it to you snowflake. The really scary thing is, there is probably a fairly large percentage of people who think boneless cuts come from boneless chickens. 

Garbage truck fires, is there anything coronavirus can’t do? It seems that with all the time we have on our hands during lockdown, folks around the country are taking advantage of that time off from work and cleaning up and doing chores that have been piling up. One problem though. Fox News Denver reports that there has been an increase in garbage truck fires. Which are undoubtedly due to more people tossing out hazardous materials such as batteries, pool chemicals, paint thinner, lighter fluid and propane tanks. When the garbage trucks use their compactor to smash the trash, it often goes boom.


The US may have a french fry shortage due to the cursed coronavirus, but in Belgium, they have a glut of potatoes. In fact, three quarters of a million tons of the tasty tubers are at risk of being thrown away. According to CNBC, the Belgian government is telling its citizens to eat two helpings of fries a day. The spud glut is mostly due to a fall in demand in the frozen potato sector. Now there’s a phrase you don’t hear every day, the frozen potato sector. Of course the Belgians make a damn good fry, and you can almost forgive them for slathering their wonderful fries in the devil’s condiment of emulsified raw egg yolk, oil and acid.

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