Overnight Underground News 01-16-2020

China will export anything, including a virus. I hate politics. Women who like beards more likely to dig lice, ticks & crabs. 2 crazy naked people, kids in cages (no, not the government) & the mayors bad bagels.

It’s panic time again. A SARS like mystery Chinese virus is spreading and could be ready to head out on a whirlwind world tour. The World Health Organization announced that the disease now has its first confirmed case in Japan. Proof positive that China will export anything. They probably even copied the virus before it made its way to Japan.

So damn much politics happening in the US and anyone with half a brain no care. So let me spell this out for you. Trump is a moron, the Democrats rally around social grievance politics, the Republicans act like a deer in the headlights, Americans rally around their political tribe like it’s a damn college football game. And anyone with any common sense realizes that like in the movie “Sleeper;” it doesn’t matter whose nose you clone, all politicians are liars, criminals and thieves and it’s all just a fools game to keep you occupied while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That is all.

From the that’s my fetish department, CNN is reporting that women who are squeamish about ticks, fleas and lice do not dig men with beards. According to a study conducted back in 2003, women who are put off by bugs and insects found in body hair, are just not into beards and staches. Me, I’m only into women who dig lice ticks and fleas.

In other assorted news today, a half naked convicted sex offender was arrested after trying to crawl through doggy door without any pants on in California. Police collared the perp before he could bury his bone. In somewhat related news, a woman at the Miami International Airport is in custody for mental evaluation after walking naked through the baggage claim singing followed by the young woman dancing on top of a police car. She must have a lot of baggage. Three people are under arrest in Alabama facing child abuse charges for allegedly locking four children in makeshift cages. What were you thinking? Only the government has the right to do that. And New York CIty Mayor DeBlasso has once again horrified his constituency, admitting he likes his bagels whole wheat and toasted, leaving New Yorkers wondering just how much longer till the hizzanor is finally toast.

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